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Short Profile:

Jonas Teitge is a researcher at Global Climate Forum where he is part of the Green Growth research process. The focus of his research is centered around the impacts of climate policy measures on economics in general and the prospects of the European Green Deal in special.
To study those questions, he has specialized in agent-based computational modelling and is designing and calibrating economic models that also include impacts on climate, environment resource carbon emissions into account.

Jonas obtained a Diploma in Economics from the University Potsdam with a focus on Econometrics, Quantitative Methods and Macroeconomic Modelling in 2011 and joined the Global Climate Forum directly after, where he , amongst other projects, contributed to the development of an multi-agent model of the impacts of German climate policy measures (German Green Growth Model).

After working in the private sector as Data Analyst and Policy Consultant in fields including Mobility, Energy and public services in the subsequent years, he rejoined the Global Climate Forum in 2019.

Current Projects: ESRa

Selected Publications:

Carlo C. Jaeger · Armin Haas · Jonas Teitge. Klima, Digitalisierung und Nachhaltigkeit: Zur Finanzierung öffentlicher Zukunftsinvestitionen GCF Report 1/2021

Wolf, S., Teitge, J., Jäger, C. et al. (2021). The European Green Deal — More Than Climate Neutrality. Intereconomics 56, 99–107

Sarah Wolf, Jonas Teitge,·Jahel Mielke, Franziska Schütze, ·Carlo C. Jaeger
About the European Green Deal Key Numbers and Mechanisms Working Paper 1/2020

Sarah Wolf, Steffen Fürst, Sophie Knell, Wiebke Lass, Daniel Lincke, Antoine Mandel, Jonas Teitge and Carlo Jaeger: Two Modes of Scheduling in a Simple Economic Agent-Based Mode, InProceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Simulation and Modeling Methodologies, Technologies and Applications(SIMULTECH-2012),pages 303-308

Teitge, Jonas; Nastansky, Andreas: Interdependenzen in den Renditen DAX-notierter Unternehmen nach Branchen / Jonas Teitge, Andreas Nastansky. – Potsdam : Univ., 2011
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