Assessing Climate Change Risk in Europe

Project summary

ACCREU will contribute to the just transition towards climate resilience in the EU, its Member States, and regions, by co-creating and co-delivering with a wide array of stakeholders, new knowledge and actionable insights that connect the challenges of adaptation and mitigation with the multiple and new challenges our society is facing. At the scientific level, it will provide a comprehensive, integrated, co-created, socio-economic evaluation of future climate risk under different adaptation and mitigation scenarios, across European countries, sectors, households, and business types. Specific attention will be paid to non-market impacts on biodiversity, ecosystems, and health. ACCREU will advance models and methods for climate risk assessment, and integrated adaptation decisionmaking.

Novel investigations will be developed to assess poverty, equity, financial, and fiscal implications of climate risk and the related policies. At the societal/economic level, ACCREU will engage stakeholders involved in different adaptation decision types to design practical solutions to successfully mainstream climate resilience and adaptation into decision-making processes. To ensure effective uptake and long-term use of its results, the co-designed applied case studies will involve EU-level stakeholders, such as Directorate-Generals, the JRC, the EEA, the Mission Adaptation, as well as local practitioners, businesses, and authorities.


This project addresses the European Commissions Call for Proposal: ‘Climate Sciences and Responses’

Start date: 1.3.2023
Project duration: 42 Months
Project volume: about 5 million Euro