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Centre of Excellence for Global Systems Science

Project summary
CoeGSS is a European consortium of supercomputing centres, scientific institutions, businesses and NGOs. It helps industry, policy makers and the society, faced with global challenges, to take effective action by providing them with high resolution data and simulations as well as comprehensive analysis and assessment based on a synergetic link between high performance computing (HPC) and Global Systems Science (GSS).


GSS is an emerging research field focused on the risks and opportunities involved in global coordination problems. Examples of global systems are financial markets, global energy use, the internet, and others. Typical GSS research questions concern complex systems; the relevant datasets are mostly very large, and may include heterogeneous data sources, for example, data streams from social media. CoeGSS aims at making HPC and high performance data analytics usable for addressing such questions. A key contribution of CoeGSS will be the development of an HPC-based framework to generate customized synthetic populations for GSS applications.

CoeGSS will use HPC to address three selected global challenges in pilot studies:

  • the diffusion of health-relevant social habits,
  • the dynamics of global urbanisation, and
  • the possibility of green growth.

GCF’s research focus in CoeGSS is green growth. We will develop a synthetic information system for analysing the diffusion of green growth initiatives, such as policy measures like feed-in tariffs or building regulations, business strategies like brands for electric vehicles, or lifestyle changes like switching to vegetarian diets or cycling.

Funded by

European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Programme (2014 – 2020), under the grant agreement number 676547.