CO-designing the Assessment of Climate CHange costs


COACCH will develop an innovative science-practice and integrated approach to co-design and co-deliver an improved downscaled assessment of the risks and costs of climate change in Europe, working with end users from research, business, investment, and policy making communities throughout the project. COACCH will advance the evidence base on complex climate change impact chains, assessing their market, non-market, macroeconomic and social consequences in the EU. It will integrate spatially-explicit impact models, macroeconomic models with subnational resolution, statistical downscaling techniques and innovative non-modelling approaches, covering market (agriculture, forestry, fishery, industry, services, energy, built environment, infrastructure) and non-market sectors (ecosystems, health). It will explicitly look at competitiveness and growth, as well as at the social and economic repercussion of major global climate change in Europe. COACCH will deliver new knowledge on the impacts and economic consequences of climate tipping points of major concern for Europe, and explore the new concept of climate-induced socio-economic tipping points, at European and national level. COACCH will advance the economic valuation of climate action, identifying short to long-term mitigation and adaptation policy under climate change, including extreme events and tipping points. It will compare the respective performances according to different criteria of decision making under uncertainty, reducing uncertainty around valuation. The project will also produce a new generation of climate damage functions accessible to various users. Finally, COACCH will use a wide range of innovative communication and dissemination activities, to promote easier access to the results and ensure the outreach and impact of the project, and contribute to major international scientific networks and reports (IPCC, Climate-ADAPT platform).

Funded by

The project COACCH is funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Programme, under the grant agreement number 776479.


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