SYMPHONY aims at providing a set of innovative ICT tools, integrated in a platform designed to tackle two pressing issues:

  • preventing and mitigating economic and financial crises;
  • fostering an economically and ecologically sustainable growth path.

The main vision of the project is to design and develop an innovative tool for policy making based on an agent-based macroeconomic engine, and on the idea of collecting and exploiting citizens and stakeholders’ expectations. The following tools are being developed:

  • An agent based macroeconomic model and simulator for policy making, able to take into account disequilibrium dynamics and including credit and financial markets.
  • An integrated system of social media mining and information markets, able to collect citizens’ economic expectations in order to inform policy makers and to calibrate the expectations of artificial agents in the agent-based model.
  • A game interface for the agent-based model, in order to allow researchers, policy makers, stakeholders and citizens to access and interact with the model.
  • A set of customized information markets in order to monitor and collect dynamically the expectation of the users on the simulated artificial economy. This allows for a dynamic feedback between policy and expectations.
  • These components are designed to provide policy makers with a groundbreaking set of instruments able to involve citizens in the policy formation process and to increase their awareness about the various economic scenarios. The work will be developed in strict cooperation with stakeholders and policy-makers, involved in the project to devise appropriate scenarios and modelling requirements.

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Funded by

European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme (2007 – 2013), under the grant agreement number 611875.