GCF publishes a comic book on Sustainable Mobility – Decision Theatre

Based on Decision Theatre events carried out in a science communication
project awarded with the Ralf-Dahrendorf-Prize for the European Research
Area, GCF researchers have produced a story about modeling and
discussing future mobility. Illustrated by comic artist Alberto Madrigal
and published with RAUM Italic, the comic book (in German) can now also
be viewed here.

First Symposium on the Cultures of Coastal Adaptation

The Adaptation and Social Learning group organized the first (virtual) Symposium on the Cultures of Coastal Adaptation that was held on the 22nd and 23rd September. The symposium made a first step towards developing a novel, interdisciplinary, empirical social science perspective on the various cultures of coastal adaptation that is currently missing in discussions of the climate change adaptation community.
The symposium brought together leading adaptation scholars from multiple social science disciplines and regions. The symposium featured case studies from Comoros, Indonesia, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand, USA, Brazil, Vietnam and the Maldives.
See CULTURES for more information