UNECE Sustainability Energy Week, Geneva (25.-27.09.2019)

As part of UNECE’s 28th session of the Committee on Sustainable Energy GCF has been invited to present an interactive session on its mobile Decision Theatre. Within an interactive session partners from the Kopernikus ENavi project presented different Energy Transition tools that are designed to assist stakeholders in analysing and addressing energy transition challenges. With the invitation UNECE aimed to demonstrate its members the adaptability of these tools to UNECE projects and programs. Between September 25th and 26th GCF held two sessions to demonstrate the mobile Decision Theatre methodology that supports group decision processes with data and simulations, displayed on large screens surrounding a group. The computer output changes depending on how the discussion of the group progresses. Instead of focusing only on facts and numbers, the DT allows to create narratives based on scenarios that can broaden the knowledge space for decision-makers or citizens. Due to constant interactions with the model, stakeholders can in turn contribute to improving scientific results and methods.

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