Panel Discussion: “2024: The State of Financial Capitalism”

Panel Discussion: "2024: The State of Financial Capitalism"


January 16, 2024    
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


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Hackescher Markt
Hackescher Markt, Berlin, 10178

“2024: The State of Financial Capitalism”

This public roundtable brings together the authors of three recent political economy books to discuss their takes on the status quo of financial capitalism and its relationship with politics and the state.


Costas Lapavitsas (SOAS, University of London) & EReNSEP Writing Collective

Together with the EReNSEP Writing Collective, Costas Lapavitsas has just published The State of Capitalism. Economy, Society, and Hegemony (Verso). Looking at the post-pandemic age, they perceive our time as a historical interregnum in the Gramscian sense where the old is dying but the new cannot be born.





Andrea Binder (Freie Universität Berlin)

In Offshore Finance and State Power (Oxford University Press), Andrea Binder studies the role of states in the global financial system which is dominated by offshore centers and tax havens. Drawing on case studies of Germany, Britain, Mexico, and Brazil, she develops a theoretical explanation for why states may not always want to regulate offshore financial services and discusses the implications for democracy.




Eric Monnet (Paris School of Economics)

In his forthcoming book “Balance of Power. Central Banks and the Fate of Democracies” (Chicago University Press), Éric Monnet—currently a fellow at Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin—argues that even though technocratically led central banks seem to be “the only game in town” after decades of financial crises, it is possible to construct a more democratic role for them in the future.






Steffen Murau (Global Climate Forum)

Steffen Murau is the principal investigator of the OBFA-TRANSFORM project, an Emmy Noether research group hosted by Global Climate Forum and Freie Universität Berlin that studies how states are able to govern the financing of large-scale transformations such as the Green Transition.






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