Second Conference on Financial Networks and Sustainability

This three-day conference (January 17-19, 2018), organized by FINEXUS (Center for Financial Networks and Sustainability) and GCF’s board member Prof. Stefano Battiston (ETH Zurich), bridges academic research, industry and policy expertise in an attempt to narrow the current gaps between analytical methods, financial instruments and governance processes.

This year’s edition of the conference coincides with the final conference of the EU funded DOLFINS  project, which has been delivering insights rooted on complementary economics approaches, including financial network models and stock-flow consistent agent-based models. GCF will further be involved in the conference’s practitioner sessions that present success stories from leading experts and discuss how the insights from research could help to address the challenges faced by the financial industry and by policy makers and in research sessions that report the latest findings from leading scholars in the field and discuss the future avenues of research.

For more information and registration please visit the official conference webpage