Workshop “The impact of public investment programmes illustrated by the example of energy efficiency in buildings.”

November 25th, 2015

The European Union faces multiple existential problems with a stagnating economy and climate change being one of the biggest challenges of our time. Typically, not only the causes of these crises but also their (partial) solutions are highly correlated. With its 2030 framework for climate and energy policy, the European Union aims for addressing both issues: fighting climate change along with inducing green growth. Public investments are at the heart if this rationale. In order to pursue climate action and energy efficiency, significant investments are needed, which in turn would address the consequences of the economic crises through higher (green) growth and an increased independence from fossil fuels.

In a collaboration with Germanwatch and the European Commission, the Global Climate Forum seeks to illustrate the relation of these crises and, from there, discuss the strategies and instruments necessary to trigger investments in energy efficiency in the buildings sector – capable of promoting growth, education and employment at the same time. For this, two example cases from Germany and Greece will be presented.