Bybanen Konferanse (Norway)

European Climate Forum-Transport Group
June 21-22, 2010
Bergen, Norway

Bergen’s Bybanen works!

Bergen’s first light rail system was inaugurated on June 22nd by Queen Sonja of Norway, following a two-day conference with over 80 representatives from the private and public sector. The ECF-Transport Group, represented by the environmental researcher Aida Abdulah, talked about the challenges of sustainable mobility for Bergen and introduced the ECF-TG new project on stakeholder dialogs on transport.

The ECF-TG, formed by several research institutions and led by the City of Bergen, is launching a research project that will use participatory methods and inclusive perspectives through stakeholder dialogs to increase the benefits of the new Bybane and develop sustainable solutions for long-term transport planning in Bergen.

Let’s welcome the new Bybanen and congratulate Lisbeth Iversen and her team for this great achievement!


Our society currently faces several challenges related to the way we travel and commute: climate change, increasing health problems and road safety put to the test our capacity to develop innovative transport concepts that decrease the environmental impact while improving health and city life.

Considering this, policy-makers and stakeholders in the urban arena have a unique chance to address transport-related problems through holistic approaches leading to more sustainable and liveable cities.

With this aim, the ECF Transport Group explores the cross-sector linkages of transport, e.g. urban planning, energy efficiency, health, technological development, education and raising awareness with special focus on participation processes for sustainable mobility.