2010 Summer Institute for Advanced Study of Disaster and Risk

August 2-13, 2010,
Beijing Normal University/China

Disaster, Risk, and Climate Change

August 2-13, 2010, Beijing Normal University/China

The 2010 Summer Institute for Advanced Study of Disaster and Risk (SI2010) at
Beijing Normal University is the second of a series of three summer institutes cosponsored by the Ministry of Education, the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. Initiated in collaboration with the International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change (IHDP) – Integrated Risk Governance (IRG Project), this summer institute series is an integral part and a core capacity building activity of the Hazard and Risk Science Base at Beijing Normal University (the HRSB@BNU). The primary goal is to attract and train young scholars who have both background and strong interest in the field of hazard and risk study, and through which, to improve and strengthen education, research, as well as international communication and cooperation capacity in China in the field of disaster and risk sciences. In the long-term, the summer institutes seek contribution to laying a solid foundation of a state-of-the-art hazard and risk science base in China.


Application deadline reached; participants were informed by e-mail.

Summer Institute Faculty

  • Carlo Jaeger, (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, European Climate Forum Germany)
  • Roger Kasperson, (Clark University, United States)
  • Andreas Rechkemmer, former Executive Director of IHDP
  • Kathleen Tierney, (University of Colorado, United States)
  • Peijun Shi, (Beijing Normal University, China)
  • Wenjie Dong, (Beijing Normal University, China)
  • Guoyi Han, (Stockholm Environment Institute, Sweden)
  • Qian Ye, (Beijing Normal University, China)

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