Renewables in the Mediterranean

German-Italian Cooperation for the Development of Renewable Energies in the Mediterranean – The SuperSmart Grid
Berlin, March 28, 2008

The world today is facing increasing energy prices, diminishing fossil energy resources and rapidly increasing energy demand. Today, the price of oil is around 100 $/bbl. Over 60 oil-producing countries have already passed their production peaks; the exploitation of world oil reserves continues to outpace the discovery of new resources. At the same time, a 50% increase in world energy demand is expected by 2030, leading to tougher competition for diminishing resources.

One possible solution is to utilise the enormous potential for solar and wind power in the deserts of North Africa. Renewable electricity from North Africa would be sufficient to satisfy the electricity needs of the Mediterranean and the rest of Europe many times over, and is therefore an interesting option for the future European energy system.

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  • DESERTEC – EU-MENA Cooperation for Clean Energies from Deserts
    Dr. Gerhard Knies – The Club of Rome and TREC
    Download [PPT, 7,3 MB]
  • HVDC Transmission
    F. M. Gatta, A. Geri, S. Lauria, M. Maccioni, G. M. Veca – Università degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza”
    Download [PPT, 8,6 MB]
  • Power Electronics for a sustainable inable and secure Energy Supply
    Michael Weinhold – Technology and Innovation – Siemens AG, Energy Sector
    Download [PPT, 11,2 MB]
  • Climate mitigation is feasible; three forces are needed to mobilize the necessary investments
    Dr I. Pyc – Siemens Power Generation
    Download [PPT, 0,1 MB]
  • The SuperSmart Grid – Aspects of Security and Stability
    Antonella Battaglini – Managing Director ECF & Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
    Download [PPT, 0,4 MB]
  • Solar Hydrogen Energy Pilot Project for Libya
    Dr Mansour Emtir – LPI-Tripoli, Libya
    Download [PPT, 1,1 MB]
  • The Environmental Impacts of Renewable Energy
    Prof Luigi Toro – Sapienza University of Rome, Dept. Of Chemistry
    Download [PPT, 0,1 MB]
  • Renewable Energy Perspectives
    Roberto Vigotti – Chair Renewable Energy Working Party, International Energy Agency
    Download [PPT, 2,3 MB]
  • Realising a Political and Financial Framework for Renewable Energy Partnership Europe-MENA
    Dr-Ing Hani El Nokraschy
    Download [PDF, 0,1 MB]
  • General overview of renewable energy and in Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries
    Dr Houda Ben Jannet Allal – OME
    Download [PPT, 2,9 MB]
  • Designing Sustainable Energy Market: Morocco Approach
    Mohamed Berdai – Director International Cooperation Renewable Energy Center (CDER)‏
    Download [PPT, 5,2 MB]
  • Sustainable Integration of Solar Energy in the MediterraneanRenewable Energy Perspectives
    Roberto Vigotti – Chair Renewable Committee at IEA and OME
    Download [PPT, 11,1 MB]
  • The SuperSmart Grid – What Matters? One Question and Five Answers
    Dr. Armin Haas – Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
    Download [PPT, 0,5 MB]