Sustainability Skills

Europe is currently fighting with high unemployment rates, especially among young people and in the Southern member states that have been hit hard by the economic crisis. But while some industries and sectors are suffering, sustainable and green business is growing in Europe. At the same time, there is a stronger political push for stricter climate policies. Mitigation and efficiency efforts as well as renewables could trigger a new economic impulse and create a positive impact on employment and the climate. A green economy combined with green business models and education for sustainability could thus offer a new European vision to leave the daunting path of stagnation and crisis.

The project “Sustainability Skills” deals with these questions and puts a special focus on education, training and skills. In workshops and dialogues, we will discuss with high-level stakeholders how the European vocational education system can become more sustainable and more fit for the needs of a low-carbon economy. The goal is to coordinate efforts of the private sector, unions and the government in creating structures that match new job profiles for the challenges of
climate change, the energy transition and a renewal of the infrastructure.