New paper by K. Lucas, O. Renn, C. Jaeger and S. Yang: “Systemic Risks: A Homomorphic Approach on the Basis of Complexity Science”

Klaus Lucas, Ortwin Renn, Carlo Jaeger and Saini Yang build on a domain-overarching definition of systemic risks by highlighting crucial properties that distinguish them from conventional risks and plain disasters. They place emphasis on the
role of complexity science as a basis for unifying the phenomena of systemic risks in widely different domains.

Published in the International Journal of Disaster Risk Science, this is the third paper of K. Lucas, O. Renn and C. Jaeger of their trilogy on systemic risks. Accessible here:

Previously published papers are: (1) Renn, O., Lucas, K., Haas, A., Jaeger, C. (2017 online): Things are different today: the challenge of global systemic risks. – Journal of Risk Research, p. 1-15.DOI: and (2) Lucas, K., Renn, O., Jaeger, C. (2018 online): Systemic Risks: Theory and Mathematical Modeling. – Advanced Theory and Simulations, 1800051.DOI: