Workshop “Sustainability Skills”

September 1st, 2014

Europe is fighting with high unemployment rates, especially among young people and in the Southern member states. Considering the debate on Green Growth stimuli in times of daunting secular stagnation, this workshop will focus on the reform of the vocational education in Europe. A panel discussion with high-level decision-makers and a following working session shall present ideas for a reform of the vocational education system making it more fit for the needs of a low-carbon economy. One of the major topics of the workshop will be the German dual vocational system.

How can the private sector, unions and the government create structures for a dual vocational education in Europe? How can these structures be designed to match new job profiles that deal with the challenges of climate change, the energy transition and a renewal of the infrastructure? Which role on an international scale can „Innovations Clubs for Sustainability Skills” play -short-term consortia of stakeholders in the educational field that can trigger long-term change? The workshop is supported by the research project “Impulse for Europe – Green Growth and Sustainability Skills”.