ECF Annual Conference 2007: Financing the Next Industrial Revolution

Global Investments for Climate and Energy Security
Berlin, March 26-27, 2007

Climate change is real. Its impacts can be detected already today and will become far more serious if effective mitigation and adaptation measures are not undertaken.

There is widespread agreement that global temperature increase should not exceed 2°C above the pre-industrial level. However, there is no credible plan – neither from politics nor from business – on how to reach this target.

There is an urgent need to come up with effective measures which take into account the long-term dimension of climate change and the short-term requirements of economic growth, business profitability and national energy security. Energy is a critical driver for economic growth but it is also a key-driver for climate change. We face the dilemma of having to meet growing energy demands and at the same time prevent dangerous climate change. Given the rapid economic growth of emerging economies and the time horizon of global investment decisions in the energy system, decisions taken in the next few years will determine future technology for many decades. The decisions we are making today will define where and who we are tomorrow.

The next ECF Annual Conference will address these questions in a setting of an open constructive debate.

The aim of the annual conference is to identify credible mechanisms and policies capable of channeling sufficiently large investment flows towards clean technologies and emission reduction. Experts from different scientific sectors, the business sector and the political world will provide insight and propose roadmaps for long-term sustainability and climate security. Particular attention will be paid to identifying measures which stimulate the economy and turn challenges, posed by climate change, into opportunities. We will propose and discuss a number of alternative scenarios on how to reach the 2°C target and prevent dangerous climate change while maintaining a healthy global economic growth.

The conference is by invitation only, however, a limited number of interested individuals may apply to take part. For more information, please contact Antonella Battaglini, tel +49 0331 2882670


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  • Financing the Next Industrial Revolution – Global Investments for Climate and Energy Security
    Carlo Jaeger
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