Dr. Heiko Thomas

Science Manager – Executive Assistant to the Chairman

tel +49 30-2060738-14

heiko.thomas (at) globalclimateforum.org

Global Climate Forum e.V.
Neue Promenade 6
10178 Berlin, Germany

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Short Profile:

Heiko Thomas holds a Ph.D in physics and entered the field of sustainable energy systems in 2012 as part of the think tank ‘The Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies’  in Potsdam, Germany.  He has since then worked on sustainable energy systems, renewable energy integration, energy efficiency aspects, environmental impacts and public acceptance, climate change mitigation measurements, including socio-economic analyses and considerations of accompanying policies.

Heiko Thomas coordinated as Deputy Scientific Manager the largest social science research initiative on energy transition in Germany, “System Integration and Networks for the Energy Transition”, a project with over 80 partners, 200 tasks, and 400 scientists. In the project, the respective roles of technological, economic, legal, and social systems towards a sustainable energy system were investigated.

Heiko Thomas advised the UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe), advised the former UNEP (United Nations Environmental Program) director and minister for the environment Klaus Toepfer, and Physics Nobel laureate and Senator for life in Italy Carlo Rubbia. He peer- reviews for several energy journals.

Research interests: 

Global decarbonization aspects,  pathways towards sustainable energy systems, SustainabilityEnergy4All

Selected publications:

Book chapter: Global energy transition and experiences from China and Germany
Book Title: The 4Ds of Energy Transition: Decarbonization, Decreasing use, Decentralization, and Digitalization (2021)
ISBN: 9783527348824

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