Welcome, Carlo!

Hi Carlo,

glad to see that you made it!
You are a Board Member – therefore you are allowed to see this content.
You are now in the Board Area (the yellow area). Only Board Members and Administrators (Steffen, Konstantin) can enter this area, post content and comment on posts.
There is also a Members’ Area, where all GCF Members will have access. Board Members can post in both areas. And they can of course post on the public website (as can GCF Members and Friends of GCF).

Here are three tasks for you:

1. Download the (a) Full Board Minutes and (b) the Short Board Minutes attached to this post.
2. Comment this awesome post
3. Create your own post in the Board Area

If you want to you can of course also comment posts in the Members’ Area or create posts in the Members’ Area. Do as you like. After all, you are chairman.

Talk to you soon,

FINAL_GCF Board_Minutes_February 2019_280219

SHORT_GCF Board_Minutes_February 2019_280219

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